Information Technology &
Services Co.

------------- is a leading provider of services and solutions to a wide variety of industries and fields,
with a special focus on financial and EDI services.

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--- We are


of carefully handpicked specialists overseeing thousands of transactions daily and managing an admirable portfolio of projects with public/private entities.

Supporting 14,000 users

As a result of providing nationwide services, ITSC supports on a daily basis 14,000 users spread across an extensive network of outlets in Egypt.

Handling 1,200 support calls

ITSC’s dedicated customer support team answers 1,200 calls daily, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Processing 80,000 transactions

With our sizable market share, ITSC handles thousands of transactions daily, amounting to EGP 200+ Million.

5000+ outlets

ITSC alongside its partners owns an extensive network of outlets spread through out Egypt.

A portfolio of 140 companies

ITSC not only provides its services to individuals, we also provide our services to companies with a variety of B2B and B2C solutions.

ITSC has over 20 years of experience

in providing services and solutions to a wide variety of industries and fields. Our flexibility and
extensive awareness of the sectors within which our services are provided has built a great deal
of trust and credibility amongst our partners and clients.


Money Transfer Solutions

ITSC’s flagship service covering both international and domestic money transfers.

Pay'n Cash

Manage micro payments easily while reducing returns and delays.


Supporting maritime/aerial shipping data in partnership with the Egyptian Customs Authority


Simplified Tax filing procedures in partnership with the Egyptian Tax Authority.


A secured account linked to multiple services with minimal limitations.

Cash Collection

Receive your payments safely from anywhere in Egypt with our Cash Collection service.

Smart Ads

Customize your advertising strategies to the tiniest details with ITSC’s Smart Ads.

International Bill Payment

Pay all of your bills from abroad with ease through ITSC’s International Bill Payment service today.